Hi, I Am
Jay Pandya.

I like coding because it is my passion and I also like bike riding and composing music.

Want To Learn Coding

About Me

Hello! I am Jay. I develop and design webpages with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I have coded many different projects on many different services such as Codepen and Github. I have many hobbies other than coding. My favourites are cycling, gaming, composing music and posting things on my Youtube Channel.


HTML 95%
CSS 65%
JavaScript 45%
Web Development 60%
Web Design 40%

What I Do?

Web Developing

I love developing webpages and websites for different people.


I play a wide variety of different instruments from the ukelele to the baritone horn.


I play a lot of different games on my iPad and I also post videos about them.

Fast Coder

I do not take a long time to code stuff. I can code a lot of things very quickly.


As a hobby, I post gaming, music, coding and lots more on my Youtube Channel.


I have a lot of time on my hands so I am always free. So you can email me anytime.