Hello, I am Jay Pandya

These are my services.


What I Offer?

On Time

I make my webpages fast and on time, and yet they are good quality.

Look Very Beautiful

My webpages are absolutely fantastic! They have great design and look Beautiful!

No Errors At All

My webpages have no errors, are highly interactive and are absolutely bug-free.

Very Responsive

My webpages are fully responsive so they look the best on all screens from a mobile to a desktop.

Trusted By Everyone

My webpages are trusted by many people all over the world, from India to London to Australia!

Very Cheap and Affordable Prices

I have very cheap and offerable webpages for lots of different budgets, and I even have different plans!

How it works?

First, you have to email me and tell me what you want by giving me a design on how your webpage looks. You will also have to send the assets such as images and files you want to use in your website. Without these I won't be able to add images or any videos you want.

Then, after you have given me a design and some assets, you will have to agree to my terms and conditions and I will start coding it.

Finally, after 1-3 weeks I will finish coding your webpage and I will send you the code files via Github. If you don't have a github account than I will send it to you with Google Drive.


Check our Pricing

Free Plan

$0 / mo
  • $200 Webpages
  • 5 Webpages
  • Refunds
  • $50 discount
  • Unlimited Webpages

Starter Plan

$15 / mo
  • $175 Webpages
  • 10 Webpages
  • Refunds
  • $50 discount
  • Unlimited Webpages

Business Plan

$20 / mo
  • $200 Webpages
  • 15 Webpages
  • Refunds
  • $50 discount
  • Unlimited Webpages

Ultimate Plan

$40 / mo
  • $150 Webpages
  • 15 Webpages
  • Refunds
  • $50 discount
  • Unlimited Webpages

Terms and Conditions apply


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I accept card.

If you do select a plan with refunds, you should get 60% of your money back in around a week.

I am located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I sell good quality, beautiful webpages.

Email or via my social profiles is the perferd ways to contact me.

I will most likely send the code by either Github or Google Drive.


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